• What is email fraud Use SMIME to avoid email scams effectively!

    What is email fraud? Use S/MIME to avoid email scams effectively!

    As the epidemic heats up, we must work from home to keep everybody safe. It has absolutely changed our way of working, along with these changes, email being a primary way to communicate, including transfer files to other colleagues and customers. But in recent years, the risk of email being attacked has also increased. Everyone must have heard of mail fraud (or email scams), and hackers keep changing to new methods to steal your information through email. Their target is not only general people but also corporate. A large number of emails were attacked, causing financial loss and decreasing business credibility.   Common email scams Phishing This scamming method attempts…

  • Let's Encrypt SSL security issue

    Let’s Encrypt SSL Security Errors and How to fix it?

    Why is my website showing insecure even using Let’s Encrypt SSL? A lot of websites are having security issues with the Let’s Encrypt SSL recently, but why is the website showing insecure when you are using an SSL? According to Let’s Encrypt, the browser of the PC or smartphone that constantly updates will have the ISRG Root X1 root certificate to let users access the website with Let’s Encrypt SSL smoothly. Those who did not update the operating system regularly(like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, etc.), can access the website through the DST Root CA X3 root certificate. However, the DST Root CA X3 root certificate has expired on 30/9/2021, which…